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About Us

Education at Christ the King  is an endeavor which involves the students, parents, teachers, and priests in the total development of each child.

Emphasis is placed upon a strong academic program that is integrated with the teaching of Jesus. Each child will be recognized and encouraged in keeping with his/her own personal talents and abilities with opportunities available for special programs and tutoring.
The Elementary School
During the formative elementary years, the curriculum is designed to help children develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The foundation is laid to ensure a successful middle school and high school experience. Specific programs are available to encourage and understand each child’s uniqueness, helping to build self esteem, self discipline and mutual respect.
The Middle School
The Middle School builds on the success of the elementary years and prepares students for a successful high school experience. The Middle School is designed to meet the specific intellectual, physical, social and spiritual needs of the student during the critical transition from childhood to adolescence.
In addition to preparing students for the academic challenge of high school, students are learning and developing skills to help them make wise choices, and serve others. Daily Prayer at the beginning and ending of the school day, and the Sacraments give strength, depth and scope as well as practical guidelines for behavior; these guidelines will serve the students through their young adult years. Christ the King is a Catholic School that truly cares about each child. The faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that each child is appreciated for his/her uniqueness

School Calendar

June 2023
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Virtus Training: 6:00-9:00PM
June 5, 2023

Register here: Email Sarah Moore with questions: *This is one time, online class to volunteer at school.

7th Grade Park Field Trip
June 7, 2023

More information coming.

CK Golf Scramble: 1:30PM
June 16, 2023

Horn Rapids Golf Course. Registration Coming Soon!

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