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At Christ the King Montessori preschool, we strive to inspire children to reach their highest level of personal and academic fulfillment. The Montessori philosophy is a unique educational approach that nurtures a child’s intrinsic desire to learn. Montessori focuses on the whole child—his/her cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.
In the Christ the King Montessori classroom, children learn by exploring and manipulating specially designed materials. Each material teaches one concept or skill at a time, and lays a foundation from which students can comprehend increasingly abstract ideas.
Children work with materials at their own pace, repeating an exercise until it is mastered. Your child's teacher may gently guide the process, but the goal is to inspire rather than instruct.
Throughout the classroom, beautifully-prepared, inviting curriculum areas contain a sequential array of lessons to be learned. As students work through the sequence, they build and expand on materials and lessons already mastered. And all the while they are developing qualities with which they’ll approach every future challenge: autonomy, creative thinking, and satisfaction in a job well done.
The Christ the King Catholic School Montessori Preschool offers two class options:
Morning program: 8:30 AM - 11:15 AM (M-F)
Full day program: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (M-F)