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Guided by our school’s mission and philosophy, our curriculum is built upon a commitment to Catholic values and a genuine interest in making all learning meaningful within the context of those values.
Under the guidance of our dedicated faculty and staff, all students study the Catholic faith, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and health. Technology, art, physical education, library, and music are taught by specialist teachers. Our Reading Interventionist works to meet the individual needs of some students K-4. Small group work or individual work is provided during school hours for students based on teacher referral or testing.
Catholic virtues are incorporated in curriculum and activities throughout the day. These include using virtues in our interactions with others, using Jesus as an example, completing service projects which incorporate Catholic social justice values, starting each morning with prayer, praying throughout the day, attending and participating in Mass, valuing the individual, and integrating spiritual virtues through teachable moments and across the curriculum.
Students’ scores on our standardized testing are consistently well above the local and national averages, and we find that our students are well-prepared for their high school experience.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

At Christ the King, our goal as Catholic educators is to help students become capable, responsible, and conscientious members of their local community, nation, and the world. We measure those qualities through our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) in the areas of Community, Academics, Faith, and Virtues.

In their Community, Christ the King Catholic School students will:
● Respect all people
● Respond compassionately to the needs and rights of others
● Collaborate positively with peers and work to a common goal
● Serve our community through works of love and active service

In their Academics, Christ the King Catholic School students will:
● Strive to achieve Washington State and Diocesan learning standards
● Set reasonable goals and persevere in working towards them
● Articulate ideas clearly and competently through oral, written, and visual methods
● Demonstrate content knowledge through research, reasoning, and critical thinking
● Utilize technology and the creative arts to enhance communication and presentation

In their Faith, Christ the King Catholic School students will:
● Show reverence for the sacredness of life and the dignity of all human beings
● Participate in liturgical traditions, sacraments, and prayer of the Catholic faith
● Grow in knowledge of Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and Church Teachings
● Practice strategies for moral and ethical decision making grounded in Catholic virtues

In living Virtues, Christ the King Catholic School students will:
● Reflect Christ’s example by cultivating virtue in self and others
● Apply the Catholic virtues of hope, justice, and humility when facing challenges
● Develop a sense of self-discipline and temperance to support personal well-being

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