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Guided by our school’s mission and philosophy, our curriculum is built upon a commitment to Catholic values and a genuine interest in making all learning meaningful within the context of those values.
Under the guidance of our dedicated faculty and staff, all students study the Catholic faith, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, and health. They participate in physical education classes, and they also learn library and computer skills. Music, physical education, library, computers, are all taught by specialist teachers. We also have a reading specialist who helps students improve their reading skills.
Catholic virtues are incorporated in curriculum and activities throughout the day. These include using  virtues in our interactions with others, using Jesus as an example, completing service projects which incorporate Catholic social justice values, starting each morning with prayer, praying throughout the day, attending and participating in Mass,valuing the individual, and integrating spiritual virtues through teachable moments and across the curriculum.
Students’ scores on our standardized testing are consistently well above the local and national averages, and we find that our students are well-prepared for their high school experience.
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