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CK Virtue Pledge

As a Christ the King Catholic School Crusader, I dedicate myself and support others in living virtue. I commit to constructive thoughts, words, and deeds, and when faced with challenges or conflicts, I will find solutions that cultivate virtue.

Monthly Virtues

The essence of Christian discipline is formation in virtue. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God.” (CCC 1803)

Preschool through 8th Grade students focus on a virtue each month. The purpose of this is to increase our knowledge of virtuous behavior and help us to live the virtues daily, and recognize when we need virtue.

September-Confidence:  Learning to see yourself the way God sees you, trusting that we have the strength to do hard things.
October-Enthusiasm:  Demonstrating excitement about life and openness to the wonders each day holds.
November-Gratitude:  Being thankful, showing appreciation and returning kindness.
December-Integrity:  Being honest and speaking the truth. Presenting yourself genuinely and sincerely.
January-Peace:  Having a sense of calm within yourself, in relationships, and community, trusting that God is in control.
February-Generosity:  Showing an attitude of gratitude by giving of your time, resources, and talents.
March-Forgiveness:  After a wrongdoing, offering grace for yourself and others.
April-Faith:  Being loyal to your beliefs, being true to God and the people you love.
May-Trust:  Demonstrating a firm belief in the good in a person, or a situation.
June-Humor: Enjoying the richness of life and finding joy in the midst of trying times.

Below are some grade level examples of how our students practice the monthly virtue in the classroom.

March Virtue - Forgiveness

In March, CKCS will celebrate the virtue of forgiveness:

1st Grade students will learn about forgiveness by:
-brainstorming as a class, and then students will write/draw what forgiveness sounds like and looks like
-making connections with virtue and scriptures
-recognizing students who show the monthly virtue 

February Virtue - Generosity

In February, CKCS will celebrate the virture of generosity.

Kindergarten students will learn about generosity by:
-brainstorming what generosity looks like and sounds like
-drawing examples of generosity
-talking about generous saints, like St. Nick

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