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Through our Catholic lens, students are encouraged to express their own unique styles as they explore a variety of art mediums and learn about past and present artists, and historical art movements. Each project focuses heavily on the CREATIVE PROCESS with emphasis on developing skills and understanding applicable art elements and design principles while working toward a specific objective. 

Each grade level receives once a week art sessions throughout the year, covering mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber arts, collage, sculpture, and digital art.


Library Skills class begins with the class in prayer asking to learn God's “truth by the books we read and the information we explore.” Each class period includes a read-aloud, lesson with activity, and time for finding a book to checkout. 

Kindergarten-3rd grade students listen to a picture book which is the springboard for the class lesson. In grades 4th-7th, the students listen to a chapter of a novel, are taught a lesson on the weekly theme, and then do the assignment in class-many times utilizing Google Classroom. 

There are four overarching themes for the year: Library Expectations, Databases and Technology, Literature Appreciation and STEAM. Technology, social studies and religious themes are weaved throughout with a service type project each quarter to promote community mindedness and citizenship. Striving to be modern day saints is a common thread woven throughout the curriculum beginning with the Saint of the Week.  

Preschool story times on Fridays include a song and read-aloud.

8th grade students are in Technology Class where they receive lessons using the curriculum.

Please see the Library website for more information.

Do not forget about the Birthday Book Club (BBC)! The goal of the BBC is to help you honor your children on their birthdays. It is also a way to add great books to our library collection. Anyone can participate in this program: parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 

Physical Education

Christ the King Catholic School Physical Education is an exploration of exercise, physical activity, sport, and personal wellness with a focus on building character embedded in our school virtues. 

By participating in individual and team sports, lifetime fitness activities, and cooperative team building challenges, students will gain the skills to make health enhancing decisions and reduce health risk behaviors. 


Music Ministry
Our entire Student Body applies their learned musicianship skills to lead our Christ the King Music Ministry. Each grade level studies liturgical music, church history, and sings/plays for school masses.

Elementary School Music
In honoring the spirit of the child, K-5 classes provide experiences of choral production, instruments, and dance. Students gain confidence, develop musical understanding, and a lifelong appreciation of music. Students learn vocal technique, basic music theory, aural skills, and music history.  

Each grade band level has their own Music Program that involves varied levels of repertoire, and foreign language pieces.

Middle School Music
World Drumming: 6th-8th grade students will hone their drumming skills with ensemble pieces. They work with various drum patterns, and gain familiarity with auxiliary percussion instruments such as cowbell, guiro, shakers and claves.

Honors Choir: Any 6th-8th grade students may opt to join the Honors Choir. They meet once as week during lunch/recess and sing at weekly school masses. The students focus on higher level vocal technique, choir practices and harmonizing.

Bell Choir: 6th grade students may sign up for the Christmas Bell Choir. They rehearse once a week during lunch/recess.

7th & 8th Musical Production: All 7th and 8th grade students participate in the CK Musical Production. Students learn important skills, and how to work together as a team as the entire show is run by the students - leads, ensemble, stage crew, sound and lighting. Auditions take place in November, and performances are the first week of March.  

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