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Welcome Volunteers!

The staff and students of CKCS welcome active caregiver involvement in the life of our school. CKCS believes that the education of students requires a partnership with families and encourages family involvement through volunteering to help meet these goals. Volunteerism enriches the learning environment of our children and the lives of those donating their time.
Tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating students at CKCS. The difference is made up by financial assistance contributed by various fundraising and volunteer activities. Families, alumni, friends, and parishioners are welcome to volunteer for the variety of CKCS activities. This policy is pertinent to CKCS in keeping the cost of education to a minimum.
The goals of our volunteer policy are to have:
  • Teachers welcoming caregivers as valued partners in extending and enriching the educational program.
  • Caregivers knowing that they make a difference through contributions of time and talent.
  • Family involvement allowing staff to draw upon supplemental and often unique adult resources and expertise.
Click here to download a copy of the complete CKCS Volunteer Policy.

Volunteer Packet

Click here to download the  Volunteer Packet. It needs to be filled out annually by anyone who intends to volunteer at the school. The background check form only needs to be submitted once every 6 years.

Volunteer Requirement

CKCS requires that all school families complete and report a minimum of 25 volunteer hours each school year. Twelve of these volunteer hours must be on a fundraising activity such as Sausage Fest or the school auction.

Buyout Option

If you cannot fulfill your volunteer hours, you may choose to make a cash payment of $800.00 per family. This is the dollar amount generated per student from Sausage Fest and Auction.
This payment is not a donation and is not tax deductible, but it does fulfill your volunteer hours contractual obligation. This payment must be paid by the first day of the school year.
If a family pays the volunteer hours buyout option, but then does volunteer at CKCS, no refund will be given for the volunteer hours given.


Questions about the CKCS volunteer policy should be directed to the administration office at

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