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Administration and Support Staff

  Name Title
Gail Armstrong Armstrong, Gail Dean of Students
Courtney Costinett Costinett, Courtney Accounting
Brenda Manthei Manthei, Brenda Secretary
Kristine Peugh Peugh, Kristine Principal
Suzanne Russcher Russcher, Suzanne Accounting
Usa Sondag Sondag, Usa Accounting and Human Resources
Dina Sullivan Sullivan, Dina Administrative Assistant


  Name Title Contact
Tamara Barcus Barcus, Tamara 1st Grade Teacher
Deborah Carosino Carosino, Deborah Educational Assistant 946-6158
Patricia Cherry Cherry, Patricia Educational Assistant
Marina Giurgiuman Giurgiuman, Marina Educational Assistant
Monica Gromek Gromek, Monica Educational Assistant
Lori Hall Hall, Lori 3rd Grade Teacher
Mary Beth Harlow Harlow, Mary Beth 1st Grade Teacher 509-946-6158
Erin Hosler Hosler, Erin 4th Grade Teacher
Trina Huntington Huntington, Trina 2nd Grade Teacher
Yolanda LeMieux LeMieux, Yolanda Education Assistant
Anna Morales Morales, Anna Kindergarten Teacher
Christina Moreno Moreno, Christina 3rd Grade Teacher 946-6158
Katie Morton Morton, Katie 4th Grade Teacher
Russ Olson Olson, Russ 5th Grade Teacher
Janet Parmentier Parmentier, Janet Kindergarten Teacher 946-6158
Heather Ruane Ruane, Heather Reading Intervention 509-946-6158
Lisa Schutt Schutt, Lisa 5th Grade Teacher 946-6158
Marilou Shea Shea, Marilou 2nd Grade Teacher

Middle School

  Name Title Contact
Patrick Burnett Burnett, Patrick 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Lynda DeMartino DeMartino, Lynda Teacher
Kirsten Grace Grace, Kirsten 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Aimee Kovis Kovis, Aimee 7th Grade Teacher 946-6158
Marie Noorani Noorani, Marie 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
Michelle Portch Portch, Michelle 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher


  Name Title Contact
Kelly Buchanan Buchanan, Kelly Montessori Preschool Teacher
Deborah Cleveland Cleveland, Deborah Montessori Preschool Teacher
Karla Palomino Palomino, Karla Educational Assistant
Colette Taylor Taylor, Colette Educatonal Assistant 509-946-6158


  Name Title Contact
Lory Allen Allen, Lory Nurse 946-6158
Wendy Baer Baer, Wendy Art Teacher 547-2429
Cassandra Dicken Dicken, Cassandra Music Teacher
Lyn Lang Lang, Lyn Counselor 374-4727
Heather Ruane Ruane, Heather Reading Intervention 509-946-6158
Joshua Rydberg Rydberg, Joshua Athletic Director
Nancy Sevigny Sevigny, Nancy Librarian 946-6158
Suzette Sullivan Sullivan, Suzette Nurse
Julie Sumsion Sumsion, Julie PE Teacher 509-946-6158
Larry Troxel Troxel, Larry IT
Leah Watts Watts, Leah Cafeteria Manager
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