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Dress Code Purpose

All students at CKCS are required to adhere to the dress code. A firm dress code teaches students to dress appropriately and to take pride in their appearance. It enables students to create an identity for their school in the community, and a sense of belonging, and lessens the pressure on students to keep up with fashion trends. An established dress code is known to reduce distraction, and sharpen focus on schoolwork, which allows students to perform better academically.
CKCS students are encouraged to express themselves academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Self-expression should not be with superficial clothing, but through a student’s words, actions, and how they interact with others.
Students are expected to comply with dress code during the school day. 
Click here to download a copy of the complete CKCS dress code.

Dress Code Policy

Neatness, modesty, and good taste must be observed. All clothing must be the correct size for the student, in good repair, and clean.
Approved CKCS colors are white, navy blue, khaki, maize (permitted for sweaters and cardigans only), and Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid. Refer to the Lands’ End brand for examples of the correct shades of navy blue, khaki, and maize. The approved plaid pattern is available from:
  • Lands’ End: Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid ( Up to 6% percent of the proceeds benefit the PTO.
The CKCS logo is optional, but encouraged, on all shirts, sweaters, and jumpers. Lands’ End will apply the official school logo for an additional fee.
On Mass days, Liturgy Services, or special events in the church, students should wear their best dress code policy items in a respectful manner and all shirts must be tucked in.
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