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As the holidays draw near I’m anticipating some of you will have questions regarding travel. So I turned to the Parish Employee Covid Policy as it relates to travel for guidance. First and foremost it is recommended that people stay home as much as possible.


While on travel, people are expected to take all reasonable precautions to protect their health and safety and that of others. People are expected to self-quarantine if there is any reason to believe that they have been subjected to an exposure event during their travels.

If traveling by commercial carrier (e.g. airline, train, Greyhound Bus, etc.), where it is likely that people have been confined with others who are personally unknown to them for an extended period of time, all travelers must quarantine and self-evaluate for at least forty eight (48) hours (2 full days) after they have returned home. People must be free of all symptoms ( without the use of medicine that reduces fever), before returning to our campus.

If people travel by personal conveyance (e.g. personal car) they are expected to follow the same precautions as we do locally. If people have no reason to suspect an exposure event has occurred to themselves or a member of their party and can successfully self-evaluate, they are not expected to self quarantine.

In any event, if there is any reason to suspect an exposure event has occurred people are expected to self quarantine, get tested for Covid-19 and remain off campus while awaiting results.


We continue to be dealing with a world-wide pandemic. Great effort is being put forth to provide in-person instruction for our students and their families during this time. We need everyone to exercise considerable caution in order to continue to be able to conduct in-person learning.


Thank you for your continued support and assistance during this challenging time.