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Daily Schedule reminder:

9:35-10:20- 7A Science, 7B Language Arts

10:35-11:20- 7B Science, 7A Language Arts

11:30-12:00- 7A and 7B Religion with homeroom


12:45-1:25- 7A Math, (7B Break due to Mr. Burnett in 8th Spanish)

1:35-2:15- 7B Math, 7A Social Studies

2:20-3:00- 7B Social Studies

Blessings to your families for peace and good health!

Aimee Kovis, Lynda DeMartino, Patrick Burnett, and Michelle Portch


Schedule in LANGUAGE ARTS 4/13 - 4/17:


7A-- 9:35 - 10:20 am 

7B-- 10:35 -11:20 am 


MON 4/13:  Easter Monday / NO SCHOOL

TUES 4/14:

All Class MEET:

4th Qtr Book OPTIONS Project presentations--due 6/1

4th Qtr Book Choice in GC MON

Read Ch. 10 & 11 audible (24:58).

HW due WED: Complete Study Guide for Ch. 10 & 11.


WED 4/15:

All Class MEET:

Review CH. 10 & 11 SG

new color group


THURS 4/16:

Read Ch. 12.  

Optional All Class MEET for listening to Ch. 12 audible (24:23).

HW due MON: Complete Study Guide for Ch. 12 on GC.

4th Qtr Book Choice 4/20 MON


FRI 4/17:

Catch up day on any missing work. Email the teacher for any help needed.

Preview--Next week:  Final book test WED Ch. 9-12.


Schedule in 7A RELIGION 4/13 - 4/17:

MEET TIME:  11:30am-12:00pm

MON 4/13:  Easter Monday / NO SCHOOL

TUES 4/14:

MAJOR PROJECT Lenten Book Responses due WED Saint Junipero Serra- Saint Mary Magdalene (17 entries total)

HW:  Read Ch. 10 and highlight


WED 4/15:

All Class MEET:

Discuss Ch. 10 Key learnings

In new color groups, do pp. 80-81. DUE  in GC- TODAY-scan pages

DUE TODAY Lenten Book- 17 Responses in GC.


THURS 4/16:

HW: Complete Parable Parallels WS-

DUE in GC FRIDAY scan page.


FRI 4/17:

Catch up day on any missing work. Email the teacher for any help needed.


7B RELIGION Schedule: April 13-17



Tuesday: No live meet: 

Read Chapter 10

Complete page 81 and 82 

Wednesday: REQUIRED Meet Live: prayer, class circle 

Homework: Page 84

Ch. 10 notes

Thursday: REQUIRED MEET: Meditation/Class circle

Correct pg 84

Study for 

Chapter 10 test on Monday

Friday: Catch up day if you are behind. No Meet and no new assignments. 


Have a blessed Holy Week!!  Stay well and be safe in God’s care, 

Michelle Portch & Aimee Kovis 

Social Studies:


Students will need to watch the Youtube video I have made in Lesson 3 and answer questions about it on Google Forms. These are due Tuesday


Students will need to complete the Chapter 3 Review on Google Forms. This is due Wednesday. We will have a whole-class meeting on Wednesday to discuss the test and quiz procedures.


Whole-class meeting to discuss test and quiz procedures.


Students need to complete the 25-question, open note quiz on Chapter 3. This is due tonight at 11:59 PM.


Catch-up day. Students can use this day as an opportunity to get caught up on any make-up work or on anything they have fallen behind on.


7th Grade Math: Week 29

DAILY FORMAT of  MATH:  Each day students must complete the short Entry Task, which is the Maintenance review assignment in Google Classroom.  Then, they will watch videos in Khan Academy for direct instruction.  The videos are also short, and each day should be less than 25 minutes of video.  Next, students will have “In Class Activities” assigned on most days, which are DUE THE SAME DAY.  These exercises are short also, with no day having more than 15 questions.  Finally, students may also have a short homework (HW) assignment DUE THE FOLLOWING DAY of class.  No specific homework will be assigned on Thursday besides study/review for tests/quizzes, so students will have an opportunity to get one-on-one help from me and also to rest and relax from online school over the weekend.

Next Week’s Schedule in MATH 14 April - 17 April

TUESDAY: No live meet
1.    VIDEO: Two-step inequalities (4 minutes)
2.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY Two-step inequalities (7 questions)
3.    VIDEO: Two –step inequality word problem: apples (6 minutes)
4.    VIDEO: Two –step inequality word problem: R&B (2 minutes)
5.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY: Two –step inequality word problems (4 questions)
6.    HW due WED: Watch the video: Radius, diameter, circumference, & pi (11 minutes) note, this is NOT on the quiz tomorrow.
 WEDNESDAY: No live meet
1.    ENTRY TASK: Complete today’s Maintenance review (4 questions) in Google Classroom. DUE: TODAY.
2.    Module 3: Expressions and equations Quiz 2 (7 questions)
3.    VIDEO: Labeling parts of a circle (2 minutes)
4.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY Radius, diameter, and circumference (Article)
5.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY: Circumference of a circle (4 questions)
6.    VIDEO: Area of a circle (4 minutes)
7.    HW due THURS: Relating circumference and area (video 4 minutes)
THURSDAY: No live meet
1.    ENTRY TASK: Complete today’s Maintenance review (4 questions) in Google Classroom. DUE: TODAY.
2.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY: Area of a circle (7 questions) DUE: TODAY
3.    VIDEO: Partial circle area and arc length (3 minutes)
4.    IN CLASS ACTIVITY: Area of parts of circles (4 questions) DUE: TODAY
5.    VIDEO: Area of composite shapes (5 minutes)
6.    VIDEO: Perimeter & area of composite shapes (5 minutes)

FRIDAY:  No Live Meeting
1.    Catch-up Day – catch up on any material not completed or to review any of the videos/exercises.

I hope you had a blessed Easter!

Lynda DeMartino




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