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Kitten's First Full Moon - Journeys 26

Janet Parmentier

   11:01 AM

Lesson 26
Essential question: Why is it important to try hard?
Target Skill: Conclusions



Story: Easter

Happy Easter! I hope you found a way to celebrate with your family. We got dressed up, watched Mass online, and enjoyed the sunshine.

Here is a Easter story for you to enjoy. It tells all about Jesus and His life.

Can you hear any worm words? I heard lots!

Pick out 5 words you heard—how many syllables does each word have? Don’t forget to clap out the words to help you count!

Math: Lessons 35, 36, 37, 38, and 40

These lessons mark the end of Module 4. Usually I only have one worksheet for each day, but since we will be starting a new Module next week and students have had so much practice with addition and subtraction in Modules 4, there are five worksheets for this week.

An extra activity for this week (that will also help with lesson 37) is building a big number path! You can either draw one with chalk outside or make your own with paper inside. (See the attached picture). When solving problems this week your student can hop up and down the number line.

The lesson number is located in the top right hand corner of each worksheet. The objectives for each lesson are located at the bottom of each worksheet. More information on each lesson can be found using the following link and page numbers. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Lesson 35: page. 354
Lesson 36: page. 362
Lesson 37: page. 372
Lesson 38: page. 384
Lesson 40: page. 404





Always remember that no matter what God loves you!!


I have updated the weekly overview to include Spring Break. We will not have any school work or video meetings over Spring Break.
I will post more directions for next week Monday morning around 7 am.


Please check her Google Classroom.



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